The architectural work of Le Corbusier,
an exceptional contribution
to the modern movement


Management and monitoring
The Standing Conference

The management and monitoring of the works included in the series are ensured by the patrimonial authorities of each State Party: Germany, Argentina, Belgium, France, India, Japan and Switzerland.
The Standing Conference co-ordinates the management of the series, advises the States Parties, implements actions for promotion and enhancement.

The Le Corbusier Foundation

The Le Corbusier Foundation, Le Corbusier’s universal legatee, the owner of three buildings included in the series and the custodian of all its archives, was appointed by the States Parties as the Secretariat of the Permanent Conference. It participates in the management of the sites that make up the series and it makes Le Corbusier’s archives available to owners, site managers and project managers. For the past ten years, the Foundation has been establishing records of restorations of Le Corbusier buildings (studies, projects and materials).
As part of its duties for the Secretariat of the Standing Conference, it is also in charge of creating, coordinating and monitoring the website presenting the Series.

The Association of Le Corbusier Sites: the network of municipalities

To promote overall coordination between sites, the local authorities in whose territory a Le Corbusier work is located decided to federate on 27 January 2010. The main objectives undertaken by the Le Corbusier Sites Association (LCSA) are to coordinate the network responsible for preserving and promoting Le Corbusier sites in terms of public reception.
After defending the World Heritage nomination, the LCSA has since 2019 managed and coordinated the itinerary Le Corbusier Destinations: Architectural Walks, in partnership with the Le Corbusier Foundation.  This “Council of Europe Cultural Itinerary” aims at structuring and promoting cultural and tourist exchanges between European and non-European Corbusean sites.